Quinn-Finn Relationship
Normal 104-DVD 0246
General Information
Nickname: Fabson, Fuinn
Intimacy Level: Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Friends
Started Dating: Pilot and started dating again in or before Sexy
Dating Status: Broke up in Sectionals and Funeral

This relationship is between Quinn and Finn also called Fuinn or Fabson. Their relationship started in the first episode of Glee, Pilot.

The relationship between them didn't last long and in the first competition episode, Sectionals, Quinn was caught cheating on Finn and lied to him that he was the father but Noah Puckerman, Finn's best friend, was in actual fact the father of Quinn's baby.

They got back together either in or before the episode Sexy and broke up again in Funeral, because Finn still had feelings for Rachel and didn't think he could figure things out with Quinn.