Sam-Santana Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Samtana
Intimacy Level: Ex-Boyfriend and Ex-Girlfriend
Started Dating: Comeback
Dating Status: Broke up between Original Song and Born This Way

This relationship is between Santana and Sam, also known as Samtana or Lopevans. They started dating in the episode Comeback after Sam broke up with Quinn. There was no further mention to whether they continued dating or broke off, but it can be assumed that they did because Santana began to pursue Brittany, then began to date Dave Karofsky and Sam dated Mercedes towards the end of the episode, New York.



In Duets, Sam is introducted to New Directions. After he introduces himself, Santana finds herself unimpressed saying to him that "he has no game" leaving Sam unimpressed.

Rocky Horror Glee ShowEdit

Santana (along with Quinn and Brittany) flirtatiously and playfully joke about Sam's abs, admiring them. Brittany says she can't wait to see Sam in his Rocky Horror outfit (as it is shirtless). Sam grins at them cheekily, and jokes "Are you kidding?" You could cut glass with these babies!" Causing Santana to laugh, but not at him.

The SubstituteEdit

When Santana attempts to go at Rachel, when Rachel attempts to take over Glee Club, (due to Mr. Schue's absence) Sam grabs her by the waist with the rest of New Direcitons, stopping her from going Lima Heights at Rachel.

Silly Love SongsEdit

Santana looks sour and upset when she sees Sam and Quinn sitting together and whispering to each other, it appears she is jealous. She then finds out that Quinn is cheating on Sam, which is how she works out her plan to get with him.

At Breadstix, they are the only two people sitting there by themselves. Near the end of the song, Santana waves at Sam, and he smiles back shyly.


Santana is seen fanning herself in a seductive manner when Sam performs Baby. After the performance of Somebody to Love, Santana approaches him and says erotically “Sammy Evans. You are biebalicious.” Which causes Sam to briefly smile and blush. Santana asks how things are going with Quinn, to which Sam replies “Fine.” Santana shakes her head ans says “No you’re not. We should talk soon,” before walking away.

Later in the episode, Sam and Santana are seen sitting to each other in the library. Sam is playfully flirting and trying to impress her with impressions, but this offends and annoys Santana instead. She then reveals to him that Quinn has been cheating on him, and when he denies this, she continues to insult his mouth and intelligence. She then abruptly tells him to dump Quinn so that they can be together. She then seductively says if they dated, he’ll have the access to the “rambunctious set of twins that live on her ribcage, (her breasts). Sam reluctantly agrees, dumps Quinn Fabray and dates Santana instead.

At the end of the episode in a New Directions rehearsal in the choir room, Santana is seen with her legs draped around Sam, looking into his eyes and sitting next to him.